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We bring reliability back to payment processing.

Accepting cards shouldn’t be a hassle.

Do you ever find yourself wondering whether or not your POS system will be working today? Do you spend hours on the phone trying to solve problems with your payment processor?

Unfortunately, it’s a common problem. Most merchants hate their processing company. The fees feel like a rip-off, the system is always down, and for some reason the merchant is supposed to figure it all out! Most people don’t want to deal with it.

Credit card processing as reliable as you are.

Secure Processing is not just a payment processing company. Instead, we provide innovative, adaptable, and reliable solutions through reputable vendors. The result is dependable payment processing that’s tailored to your business.

We help retailers lower processing costs, handle compliance requirements, and take on the headache of payment processing and cyber security. Instead of spending hours on the phone with a “support technician” in another country, one quick call and your local representative will be working to get issues resolved fast.

We solve real payments problems.

  • Accept American Express without higher fees
  • Take contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Swipe customer credit cards right on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Upgrade to a cash register that communicates with your credit card system
  • Integrates with most point-of-sale systems and e-commerce shopping carts
  • Secure payments in-store and online
  • Resolve and maintain PCI Compliance
  • Zero-fee/cash discount programs available
  • Solutions available for high-risk businesses
  • Let someone else figure it out when something goes wrong

Meet Eric, your local representative.

My name is Eric Barret. I have been designing business payments solutions for a while now, and when I take on a new client, they get two things: my cell phone number and a promise to be available when they need me.


FREE Credit Card Equipment

For a limited time, every one of our new clients will get free credit card equipment with a new payment processing service agreement.

Get a FREE Transaction Cost Analysis

The first step is a free consultation to find out how much money you can save by switching to Secure Processing. Let’s schedule a meeting to figure out exactly how much you’re spending on credit card fees, and how much we can save you over the next year.

Our policy is transparency.

We know switching payment processors is not at the top of everyone’s do-right-now list. Maybe you’ve experienced the hassle of switching before, or maybe you’re worried about pushy salespeople. Maybe you’re concerned that the new service won’t be any better or less expensive than what you have now…

As a local company, we are dedicated to growing our company through our reputation. We do all the work to get you up and running. There are no shady sales tactics or hidden fees. Everything is clearly laid out up-front, and there is no obligation.

Most importantly, we are always available when you have questions. We provide thermal paper, resolve PCI compliance issues, and are here to help with any other payments problems that come up. We count on our customers sticking with us for a long time, so every decision we make is in their best interest.

Make the switch.

Don’t suffer through another credit card machine melt-down. Not only is it a hassle for you, but it’s also a major pain for your customers. Let us show you what the reliability and functionality of a modern credit card system feels like.

Schedule your free consultation today and we’ll show you how we can lower your credit card fees, take away the headaches, and give you some payment system peace of mind.

Make an appointment for your FREE transaction cost analysis.

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“As long-time customers of Eric Barret, we at Learys Liquor Store have long been impressed with his customer service dedication. With Secure Processing, Eric has again provided us with top of the line service and attention to detail.

Eric’s suggestions also help bring our store into the computer age, and he is right there clarifying what we novices do not fully understand and solving any problems. Keeping up to date in all things technology and credit card processing. All it takes is a call, and Eric is there to help.

We highly recommend Eric Barret and Secure Processing. Excellent service, great savings, and a great company.”

Loretto & Kevin LearyLearys Liquor Cabinet, Darien, CT